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KG Media

Kompas Gramedia Multiplatform Media Group or known as KG Media, is an entity in Kompas Gramedia and other companies that are related by ownership to Kompas Gramedia Group.

KG Media is commitred to protecting personal data of customers, visitors, vendors, partners and many other relevant stakeholders. Therefor, in this Privacy Policy, we consider aspects of applying technology, human resources, methods and refer to applicable laws in Indonesia, such as Ministerial Regulations and other relevant laws and regulations.

The Privacy Policy on this page helps customers understand how KG Media collects, the reason we are collecting it, process, analyze, store, use, disclose, provide, revise or change and destroy your personal data that can be identified and obtained through our Portal (Application, Site web, etc.).


1.   KG Media / We / Us (Our) means Kompas Gramedia Multiplatform Media Group which is engaged in various business fields, such as Television, Radio, Printing, Digital and other media business areas.

2.   Affiliate means a subsidiary of and/or a party under the control of Kompas Gramedia Multiplatform Media Group.

3.   Portals means software applications and/or websites, including products and services therein, which we developed for us to provide services to customers, in both existing and future portals in the future.

4.   Customers / You (r) / Yourself are parties who have registered with one of the Portals’s services and/or parties who use or interact with our services through our online or offline channel.

5.   Personal Data means data or information about Yourself that can be personally identified and obtained through the Portals, such as name, address, date of birth, place of birth, occupation, place of work, personal identity, other identification documents, telephone numbers , e-mail address and other information which may identify You as user.

6.   Terms of Use means standard operational procedure or other terms relating to each Portals provided by Us and/or Affiliate, which may be changed and updated from time to time by Us and/or Affiliate.


This Privacy Policy applies to all Personal Data all over KG Media products / services / Portals and/or KG Media business partners (vendors, partners and other stakeholders). It also applies to every activities of the Customer in our services. Please see various products, services, and subsidiaries that Affiliate of Us here:

(1)   https://www.kompasgramedia.com/business/media or

(2)   https://www.kgmedia.id/

Every addition of a products/services that will come in the future and recognized by us, shall immediately follows this Privacy Policy. With regards to evidentiary hearing, we have no obligation to submit Our company documents, but we can submit a statement letter which states that every products or services are including our services.


1.   To provide support or other services

We may use Your Personal Data to provide support or other services related to the customer's usage history, such as customer complaints, customer calls, customer confirmations which related to our services.

2.   To provide information about the products or updated information

We may use Your Personal Data (e-mail and/or phone number) to provide noification of new product releases, service developments, re-targeting, promotions, personalized offers, subscriptions, event participation, or any information that You may need. The information is not only limited to products / services that has been used, but it also for any KG Media products / services that suit able with your needs. We can use Personal Data to analyzing customer behavior and use it to provide the services / experiences that most important to you.

3.   Analyzing customer behavior to provide better experience / service;

We use Your Personal Data and Your interaction with Our services/product entirely to analyze the pattern of Your behavior in using Our services/product. Services/product development is based on Our understanding what Customer needs the most.

4.   To inform you on Our benefits, programs, and opportunities

We and/or Affiliates may communicate with you regarding relevant benefits, programs, and opportunities available to you provided by all Kompas Gramedia products/service.

5.   To deal with third parties

We may share Your Personal Data with third parties relating to products / service from KG Media that Customers interact with.We ensure that these third parties are carefully selected and obligated to keep Your Personal Data safe. We may also share Your information with third parties who we think might provide content, products, or services that suit your interests.

6.   To protect our content and services

We use Personal Data to prevent potential illegal activities and to enforce Our Terms and Conditions. We also use variety of technology systems to detect unusual activity to prevent abuse, such as spam.

7.   To get feedback or input from You from time to time


1.   We collect several Personal Data that are directly provided by you as follows:

a.    Name

b.   Contact information (mobile phone, email)

c.    Date of birth

d.   Place of birth

e.    Demography: gender, occupation,

f.     Personal identification information (KTP, SIM, Passport, and other personal identification)

g.   Emergency contact information

h.    Social media profile information

i.     Educational and professional information

j.     Other information from you, which is uploaded or given to us.

2.   We also collect some information when you use the Portal, so that we can provide better services:

a.   Information about the device (s) you are using

b.   Information about using services

c.    Cookies

d.   Data authentication

e.   Location information

f.    Data that has been recorded through one of Affiliate’s services will also be used to improve the customer experience in all our business units.


We appreciate the confidentiality of your data, therefore, we do not collect the following data;

1.   Personal Identification Number (PIN), and/or password and/or any relevant information to gain access to your account.

2.   Any content from photo albums, short messages (app messenger), and or any other file(s) on Your mobile phone.


1.   Confidentiality of your information and personal data is the main concern for us. We put best effort and procedures to protect and secure Personal Data, therefore, we ensure the Personal Data that we obtain is encrypted. However, we cannot fully guarantee that our system is impenetrable penetrated by viruses, malware and disruption from third party.

2.   Users are responsible for always maintaining the confidentiality of information data in Portal, including but not limited to the confidentiality of the password that User uses to access accounts in Portal. Please do not disclose and share Your Personal Data, including Your account password and keep security of Your device. We are not responsible if you have a loss caused by the User's negligence in maintaining the confidentiality of information data in the User's account Portal, and hereby release Us, Director(s), Commissioner(s), employee(s), agent(s), and/or Affiliate from any claims, suit, damages and/or claims that Users submit in connection with the use and/or unauthorized access to your account.


1.   Ads that appear on the Portal might sent to You by our partners, which may apply cookies. This cookies allows the server to each place a User advertisement each time they send an online advertisement to collect non-personal data about the User or other people who use computers or other devices from the User. We only convey information to third parties in an aggregate format (overall).

2.   When you use Portal, there are certain ads that appear which are the products of Our partners. Our partners, as third-party vendors, use cookies to serve ads on Portal. Users can cancel the utilization of these cookies by evaluating the privacy of the content network that is published in the top right corner of the ads.


The services provided at Plaform KG Media and its Affiliates are not intended for children under 18 (eighteen) years of age or under the age of the laws and regulations. We cannot determine the age of person who uses Our services. If the children under the age that mentioned above agreed have provided Personal Data without the permission of the parent or guardian, the parent or guardian must contact KG Media (see Section O) to download the relevant data and release the minor.


1.   User Personal Data: We collect Personal Data from Users through various means, including but not limited to, Compiling Portal Users, registering as Users, Compiling Users who are related and using the services, features, or content that we provide in the Portal. Users can also provide data, including, e-mail address, home / office address, telephone number and other information needed.

2.   User's Non-Personal Data: We may collect User's non-personal data which combines them with the Portal. Any non-personal data including name browsers, computer types, telephone devices, or other information related to Users connected to our Portal, such as operating systems, internet services, social media, and other related information.

3.   In the case of a compilation you choose to link your social media accounts or accounts related to other third party services to our services, you may ask a third party to send us special information from that social media account or service account and you allow us to Collect, save and use what they send to us.

4.   Logging practices

We automatically record the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of visitors (web based application) and session of the user (mobile application). We also record some materials to identify unique visitor of Our Website that may include:

·      Browser/Device type/version

·      Operating system used

·      Date and time of the server request

·      Location (Latitude and longitude)

·      For mobile application, we use these following materials to identify unique visitor:

·      Device type/version

·      Device IMEI

·      Operating system used

·      Date and time of the server request

·      Location (Latitude and longitude)

·      These visitor identification is being used across Our product/services to enable cross product Customer data understanding. It creates bigger opportunities for Us to serve the Customer better with Our services/product.

5.   External links behaviour

Some of Our products/service link to other sites that are created and maintained by other parties. When You transfer to an outside website/application, you are leaving Our domain, so this Privacy Policy no longer applied.

6.   Do Not Track (DNT)

Do Not Track is an initiative self-regulatory designed by online advertising industry to provide customer a choice in term of types of ads they may see and opt-out from online behavioral ads served by some or the companies participating in these programs. We do not respond to DNT consumer browser settings.

7.   If you are no longer a registered user or use our services, we will keep your Personal Data at least 5 (five) years from the date you were registered user or from the last date you used our services, as required by law and applicable laws and regulations.

8.   Responses to legal requests

We reserve the right to share your information to respond to duly authorized information requests of governmental authorities or where required by law.


1.   By using the Portal, you represent that you have read, understood and agree to this Privacy Policy and all changes thereof from time to time and agree to allow us to use, apply, process and transfer your Personal Data as stated in the this Privacy Policy.

2.   You also declare that you agree and agree to share all information that has been provided to us and give us the authority to use and share your Personal Data with our affiliates and / or other third parties to support and implement our products / services.


1.   If you are a registered user, you can review, revise, and correct your Personal Data through the Customer profile setting service on the KG Media Platform.

2.   You may perform Your consent revocation of the collection, use, and disclosure of Your Personal Data and/or deletion of Your Personal Data that is regulated under the laws and regulation of Republic of Indonesia.


1.   If you want to stop receiving newsletters on e-mail, please follow the unsubscribe ledge at the bottom of each service on each Portal.

2.   We may send emails in the form of invitations to participate in user surveys, responses as visitors or users, as well as services that are or are being developed.

3.   If you communicate with us by e-mail, we may retain and or store the contents of your e-mail messages, including the history of conversations between us and your e-mail address and information you provide during the communication.

4.   If you want to send us an e-mail, it is recommended that you understand that the information contained in the e-mail is not secure or encrypted, so that it is possible to be seen by other parties. Thus, you are required to be careful when sending something that is confidential to our e-mail. In this case, we are not responsible for any e-mail that you send to us and there is no obligation for us to provide assistance for any event that harms the customer.


1.   KG Media and user hereby agree to try to reach the resolution as far as possible in a consultation no later than 30 (thirty) working days after one party receives a written letter from the other party.

2.   If the settlement through deliberation fails to reach the word of consensus within the allotted time, then the dispute can be resolved by following the relevant laws and regulations.

3.   Language : This Privacy Policy is available for Indonesia and English language. Inconsistency between Indonesian and English version, Indonesian version shall prevail.


KG Media may change these terms and conditions from time to time by displaying modified versions on every and/or each Portal. We recommend that Users carefully and periodically pay attention to this Privacy Policy. By continuing to access the Portal and/or continuing use of each KG Media service, the Customer is deemed to have understood and agreed to changes in this Privacy Policy. If a part of the Privacy Policy cannot be used, that part does not affect the validity of other provisions.


If you have questions or interests regarding this Privacy Policy or regarding the use of Personal Data, contact us via:

Jl Palmerah Selatan No. 22-28, Tanah Abang, Jakarta, Indonesia 10270
Telp :62-21
Fax : 62-21


This Privacy Policy was last updated on May 11, 2020. By using our Portal, you are deemed to agree to this Privacy Policy including but not limited to all changes.